Op 2 mei 2013 Jacob op de TV in de documentaire : wat verwachten wij van onze kinderen?

Zaterdag 25 mei 2013 toch weer even gevraagd om iets tegen het volk te zeggen


Documentaire genomineerd in de VS

“Our documentary ‘Fireworks on the Brain‘, based on the book by Jacob Klompstra (amazon.com) has been nominated for a 2012 Voice Award. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the Voice Awards honor consumer/peer leaders who have done exemplary work promoting the social inclusion of individuals with behavioral health problems. The awards also recognize TV and film writers and producers that incorporate dignified, respectful, and accurate portrayals of individuals with behavioral health problems into their scripts, programs, and productions.”- Jacob Klompstra